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The Language of Symbols

The Language of Symbols in the World of Dreams: Your Connection to Psychic Development and Mediumship

Have you ever learned a new language? If you have, you probably remember noticing that your vocabulary quickly builds to a few dozen words, then a few dozen more as you build your favorite way of communicating in the new language. Also, after a while, you don't even interpret the words, you just think in that language. The same thing happens with dreams.

The language of most processing dreams is symbols. And once you start paying attention to your dreams, setting your intention to influence the content of your dreams, and using a dream journal regularly and faithfully, you will notice common symbols that repeat themselves. These become your personal symbols and they make it easy to understand your dreams quickly.

Symbols are often the language of the subconscious and superconscious mind. They can be personal, cultural or universal. Symbols can be the language of your soul and of Spirit.

Symbols are what Psychics and Mediums use as tools to interpret Spirit's language during Psychic and Mediumistic readings. So, you can imagine what a bump in your intuition and psychic ability you will receive from interpreting and and developing your symbolic Spirit language.

What do I mean by that?

Perhaps you notice that you're often dreaming of vehicles like bicycles or automobiles in various dream scenes. And because dreams often repeat symbols again and again, it makes it easier to interpret the messages your dreams are trying to give you. You don't have to look up the meaning of a symbol that keeps showing up in your dream scenes so it becomes a short cut to understanding your dream's messages quickly. Vehicles often indicate how we are moving around in the world... the direction... whether we are in balance or not... going too fast or too slow... alone at the wheel or with others... They often show us whether we are driving and "at the wheel" of our own life or letting someone else "take us for a ride." When we dream of vehicles, especially automobiles, (which can also represent our human body) our subconscious is often trying to encourage us to look at the part we are playing in determining the direction of our own lives. It can also be sending a message about how empowered we are feeling in determining the direction we are going. At the wheel in your dream are you coasting? Speeding? Hitting the brakes? Not able to slow down? Climbing a steep hill? Going too fast down a hill? Taking a wrong turn? Plunging into water? Unable to steer?

If you are riding a bicycle and pedaling along, blissfully enjoying the view, the message for you may be that you are traveling through life in balance and at your own pace, in control of the direction and the speed, deciding for yourself where you want to go. And you can have that powerful insight quickly because of the picture of the bicycle in your dream. If you are riding a bike but you are wobbling and feel like you're going to tip and fall, it could mean that you need to bring yourself into balance. The dream isn't judging you... it's encouraging you to choose wisely and to be aware of choices that may be making you feel weak and wobbly.

Keeping a list of personal symbols (those symbols that keep showing up regularly in your dreams) is a great way to jumpstart dream understanding as well as intuitive and psychic development. The most important symbol meaning is what the symbol means to you. After you feel you know what the symbol means to you, look up the universal meaning of that same symbol in a dream dictionary of dream website to enhance the possible additional dream meanings that can bring you to a deeper and more meaningful understanding.

There are many resources for universal symbol meanings. Endless websites and books... but your personal meaning is the one that matters most. Just ask yourself... what does that symbol mean to me? Take a minute or two and think about it. Once you know the answer to that question, then supplement and deepen the symbol meaning by using a good resource.

Wishing you Sweet Dreams!

Patti Rippe