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'So on target it gave me chills'

Patti, just want to tell you that your reading for me at Victory of Light was so on target it gave me chills. Thank you! ~ Gary M.

'The best birthday present I have ever received'

To this day the best birthday present I have ever received was having a reading with you. I have never smiled, cried, and laughed so much. During that time you helped put my past into perspective and helped me understand myself in ways that I couldn't have done in an entire lifetime. I can't thank you enough.

'Is she an angel?'

I remember asking myself the first time I met you "is she an angel?" and by the end of our conversation I was convinced you were. Frankly I still am. A moment with Patti is always a moment well spent. ~ Benson H.

'The information and guidance I received from her in one brief reading was extraordinary'

Patti is an absolute earth angel, an incredibly vibrant, compassionate and spirited soul whose psychic abilities and endless compassion are far unmatched. The information and guidance I received from her in one brief reading was extraordinary and has left an immensely lasting impact on my life in more ways than I can articulate. I instantaneously connected with her bright warmth and benevolence and feel so incredibly lucky to have experienced, first-hand, her incredible talents.” ~ Jordan L.

'Her insight, intuition and abilities are excellent'

I've had the honor of knowing Patti for almost a decade. Her insight, intuition and abilities are excellent. She is one of the rare individuals I couldn't block. One could benefit from her friendship. ~ John P.

'You amaze me every time'

I am so thankful for the readings you have done for me, my daughter, my grandsons. You amaze me every time and are always spot on with everything from health to emotions to connecting with my family and friends who have passed on. You are an amazing medium and a bright and gentle light in this world. We are so lucky to have you in our lives. ~ Karen M.

Connecting with mom on the other side

Patti, thanks so very much for connecting with my Mom with information that really let me know she is still with me. You were able to give me a message from her that there was no way you could have known. It means so much to me. ~ Pam R.

‘You are my peace when my world is turned upside down'

Patti, you are my peace when my world is turned upside down. You have a beautiful gift not only with speaking to spirit but with the way you can calm my heart and soul. Every time we met you have blessed me with a perspective I never would have seen. I am blessed to know you and call you friend. ~ Emily R.

'Her readings are insightful blessings'

Patti is a gentle and compassionate soul. Her readings are insightful blessings and she does good healing work as well. Patti is also an excellent teacher as evidenced in her classes on dreams and their interpretations. Moreover, there never was a more faithful friend. I highly recommend Patti in her various fields of endeavor. I will forever be in her debt. ~ Phil C.

Recovery from trauma, gaining new confidence

Patti, Patti, Patti ...

Let me tell you how God works full circle. Remember you told me your story about the length of time you spent at school and said that mine would be similar? I was back in school, enjoying it, excited about it, but I took on too much. I withdrew from a class because I couldn't keep up. That would usually devastate me, but I remember you told me that it would take time, so I didn't fret. In that moment I said, “this is what Patti meant, slow down.” I was able to move forward in a healthy way that served me. Instead of beating myself up I lifted myself up. That's just one instance.

With the trauma I carried from the passing of my grandmother you helped me to step out of that space. You described my grandmother's demeanor so perfectly that I knew I could trust this experience. You described her to a T! You told me that she forgave me for losing her jewelry while moving. No one knew about that! But Patti did! I could keep going! I hope other people get to know you and experience your gift. Thank you for being you❤ ~ Tarina M.

Healing from devastating loss

I was encouraged to go see Patti by a family friend after losing my daughter Kirsten to suicide. Kirsten is, and always will be, the love of my life. Her unexpected exit left a gaping hole in my heart and soul. She was 18 days from turning 21. We all were blindsided. Devastated doesn’t even come close to describing our loss.

I went to see Patti, and I can tell you her presence put me at ease as soon as she opened the door and I saw her lovely face.

On the way there, I told Kirsten in the car as I drove that she needed to tell Patti something that would validate to me that Kirsten is there. Patti right away asked me, “What is it that Kirsten is showing me, that is white and soft and so precious?” To make a long story short, the week after Kirsten’s memorial service, I bought a baby dwarf California bunny and she was white, soft, and so precious. Kirsten loved bunnies, that is why I got her.

Patti helped me understand some of the "why’s", the "where are you’s", and the "what now” feelings. We talked for a long time in Kirsten’s presence and I left feeling comforted that my daughter lives on and is happy where she is.

I urge you to go see Patti. She is the real deal. I felt like I had known Patti all my life, even though we had just met. You can feel the love of your loved one come through her. It’s an amazing experience that I will never forget. ~ Terry

A message from a loved one

My aunt was my favorite and Patti said, 'She wants you to wear her necklace… and the stone is red… and it’s missing.' And I said it wasn’t missing but when I went to look for it, it wasn’t where I thought it would be! ~ Linda H.

Much needed knowledge and information

I invited Patti to my home and invited several people over to spend time with you. You were so insightful to my guests and brought peace to one of them who was in pain from the loss of her husband. You gave her insight about her husband and brought smiles to her that evening. You also provided my husband with much needed knowledge and information. All participants were pleased and felt the worth of your readings. ~ Gloria H.

'Just what I needed'

'This was just what I needed. Thank you so much!' ~ Robyn A.

Consoling grief and predicting the birth of a grandchild

I met with Patti Rippe for the first time about 4 to 5 years ago, about one year after my wife had passed. She was recommended to me by a friend. Patti was so consoling... and interesting to talk to about what goes on in the spirit world when one passes to the other side. I found her knowledge to be very comforting and have had many readings with her over the years.

I also took my daughter to Patti, who had been trying to conceive a child for several years. Patti said she would have baby within in a couple of years but would likely have miscarriages first, then the baby would come. My daughter didn’t want to hear that, she wanted the baby right now! As it turned out she did have healthy baby boy, after a couple of years.

Patti is a truthful, down to earth and easy person to talk to. ~ David B.