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Your Dreams: A Wise Friend Guiding You

Sometimes it makes it easier to think of something mysterious as a person or a personal energy. This idea was introduced to me by an old friend of mine, Wilda B. Tanner, who was a dream expert and author of the wonderful book, "The Mystical, Magical, Marvelous World of Dreams." Wilda was one of my closest friends before she passed in 2000. I love giving her credit for her contribution to dream understanding because she was a devoted, compassionate and gentle teacher. She helped thousands of people understand their dreams and delighted in their progress. When I started thinking about dream time as visiting with an extension of my higher self it made it so much more personal and fun. I think it could be really fun for you as well.

One of the most beautiful things dreams do is respond to what what we are experiencing in life and helping us deal with emotions, issues and problems. Dreams offer you what is already in your sub-consciousness. We are all made of Universal divine intelligence and having a relationship with your highest self is a powerful way to connect with that vast treasure of knowledge and wisdom. Understanding that idea empowered me and changed everything for me decades ago.

Try this tonight: Ask your dreams for a specific answer to a problem you may be wrestling with by writing the question down before sleep (in your dream journal, or on a piece of paper) and if you focus on your dream you will be given suggestions and solutions about your problem. It may take more than one night. But asking a question as you fall asleep or having a problem on your mind as you fall asleep can prompt your dreams to answer you.

I invite you to try it!Ask a question about something important to you tonight as you are falling asleep and when you awaken if you remember your dream, write down anything you remember immediately. Dreams are often filled with symbols and interpreting them is actually really fun with a little practice. One quick bit of advice: Always consider what a symbol means to you before looking up symbol meanings somewhere else. There are endless resources and it can be very confusing to see so much conflicting information about symbol meanings. So don't make it too hard for yourself. Ask yourself what a particular symbol means to you personally first. And only after you've decided what it means to you should you supplement the symbol meaning with other information available to you in books and websites.

I've written about dreams and taught dream classes, circles and seminars for a long time. And I do write about interpreting dreams and using the language of symbols in other blog posts on my website. But to make it easy for you, think of the wisdom that comes from nurturing and paying attention to your dreams as a gift from a friend, an angel, a spirit guide or an ascended master like the Dali Lama, the Buddha, Jesus or a beloved saint. Imagine this friend and guide is aware and has access on a subconscious and superconscious level. The wisdom is there... endless and available. And your key is to ask the questions and then listen.

This practice and my dreams have brought me such joy over many years... and I offer this thought to you now: Think of your dreams as a friend.

Patti Rippe