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The Voice of the Subconscious

Remember - dreams are often the voice of our subconscious

So maybe you've had trouble remembering your dreams? And you wonder if you're even having dreams at all? Well just know that virtually everyone dreams... every night... and we mostly dream about ourselves and things that are currently happening in our lives. There are lots of different kinds of dreams and they are all important but those processing dreams that we have every night matter a great deal because they keep us from building up fear and discomfort that can lead to anxiety. Anxiety can lead to issues like depression and can even lead to serious physical illness. Our dreams are important because they help us with those issues by processing our feelings as we sleep so we can move on confidently and peacefully in our waking life.

If you're not remembering your dreams, there are things you can do make it easier to remember. One thing that's really important to do is to have the intention to remember your dream as you fall asleep. Make sure you're comfortable... not too hot... not too cold... and avoid too much food, alcohol and TV just before bed.

Also, be patient with your dreams. Sometimes it takes a while for dream recall to kick in, but if you keep having an intention to remember, eventually your dreams will just float back in to your consciousness like a butterfly gently landing on your arm when you are still.

Keep this in mind also: if you are extremely exhausted, you may be spending most of your time in deep, restorative, healing sleep and shortening the REM (Rapid Eye Movement) state that mostly comes just as you are falling asleep and just before waking up. (By the way... the dream you have just before waking is often a summary of all the dreams you had all night and is the dream that makes the point. So pay attention to that last morning dream.) Your most important dream happens just as you are waking up ... going from the Alpha state (daydreamy) to the Beta state (awake). That dream is more vivid and the most detailed, and the easiest to remember if you're able to awaken gently. I find, being very still and staying relaxed helps me remember the tail end of the dream and once I have the message of the tail end of the dream, I start writing in my journal and more and more details will come. It takes practice but it really works beautifully!

The messages in our dreams are easy to understand once we've been giving our attention to them for a while. Two things will help: First, be aware that subconscious dreams speak mostly in symbols, which is the language of the subconscious. Second, writing, drawing or recording your dreams will encourage memory of them and more details in the dreams.

Keep a journal and record your symbols. (I share much more about dream symbols in other blogs.) Paying attention to those personal symbols of your own will encourage your understanding of the voice of your subconscious and there is great wisdom available there. Eventually you will have a long list of personal dream symbols and there you have your dream language... and that will make dream interpretation much easier and more fun.

Make your dreams magical...

Patti Rippe