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The Power of Lucid Dreaming: "I Am Awake in My Dreams"

There's a lot of information being exchanged about Lucid Dreaming these days. We know more about them today that we did when I first started studying dreams nearly a quarter of a century ago. And we'll know more about them as time goes on, to be sure. That's how it is with dreams. We think we understand things pretty well and then new technology to study brain waves or new information from case studies and sleep studies come to light and bring humankind more details.

We used to think that Lucidity started between Beta and Alpha brain waves... and that you had to train yourself to "catch" the dream at that daydreamy place we sometimes linger at just before wakefulness. Now there are studies about how we actually jump from the extreme deep sleep of Delta all the way up to Gamma brain waves and that we need to be at 40Hz+ to experience Lucid Dreams. Gamma brain waves weren't really mentioned much in discussing dreams when I first became interested in them. But I'm delighted when the field of study expands.

One thing never really changes with Lucid Dreams though. They are powerful and can be life altering. It's said that experiencing a Lucid Dream is like having a preview of the afterlife experience. I believe it. My experiences with Lucid Dreams have been supernatural. Amazing isn't a strong enough word to describe the realities of dream lucidity. I've felt like I was a supercharged version of myself while Lucid in my dreams. I've flown, been able to swim and breathe underwater, been in a car that accelerated like a rocket instantly when I touched a button inside the car with the intention to make it activate. I've awakened in a dream to a beautiful mansion that felt like my true home... and wandering around in this lovely lucid state felt like a heightened earthly experience with delicious aromas and heavenly, soft breezes... and the colors and smells of gorgeous flowers everywhere were so vivid I felt like I was in a place of pure ecstasy. I love my lucid dreams. I've danced on the peaks of mountaintops and flown across oceans and out into space to look up close at the sprinkling of stars in the deep purple and indigo blue of outer space. My Lucid Dreams give me such a thrill and encourage me to keep sharing all I've learned about dreaming. I wonder if the classic New England writer of the 19th century, Henry David Thoreau was referring to a Lucid Dream state when he penned the words, "Our truest life is when we are in our dreams awake." Henry is one of my favorite writers since my college days at UC. I've always thought he was a highly evolved soul, come to earth to help us awaken to the power, beauty and intelligence of our natural world. He seemed to know a secret. Lucid Dreaming can do that for us, too: awaken us to a deep knowing that we cannot fully embrace as spirits having a human experience, and focused on the physical world.

It's pure magic when you're Lucid in a dream. There's a power and an otherworldly feeling to it that can't be matched in physical waking life. You create your world with your thoughts and intentions. You are able to ask questions about anything and get an answer. It's possible to meet someone in a Lucid Dream who has passed on to the afterlife, like Abraham Lincoln or George Harrison. Smells are more lovely... color is otherworldly, intensely vibrant and shimmering... breezes are soft and gentle and caress your skin like a silken feather.

It takes a while to become a consistent Lucid Dreamer, but I think it's one of the most meaningful things we can do... like playing a beautiful classical piece on the piano... the more you practice, the more beautiful the pauses and subtleties are.

Start by having the intention to sleep peacefully on a regular basis. Have the goal of becoming very well rested. Try to stay with a gentle bedtime routine that is comforting and self caring. Then try programming your dreams for a while until you see that you are regularly getting responsive and wonderful healing guidance. I talk more about programming in another blog, but it's just setting an intention to receive assistance from a dream in the form of an answer to a problem, creative or practical. We can program our dreams to help us with anything we like. Also, try to add a little yoga stretching into your daily routine. Yoga seems to turn a healing and centering vibration on in the human body/mind/spirit that lends itself to perceiving more deeply, which is a practice that lends itself to enhancing Lucid Dreaming. After that has been going on for a while... perhaps a month or two... try saying the powerful affirmation: "I AM a Lucid Dreamer. In my Dreams I AM awake." Repeat the affirmation during the day, as you are driving, as you are doing the dishes, as you are walking in the woods or the forest, or around the lake. (You can say the affirmations as much as you like. The magic of affirmations is mind blowing. If you've never tried it, you are in for a magical treat.) And try to feel what it would be like to awaken from a Lucid Dream of being in Paradise.

At first your dreams will become more vivid. Then it's time to use reality checks, like jumping during the day when you are not sleeping, and saying, "I'm awake." That way if you awaken in a dream you can say, "I'm awake" and then immediately try to fly. If you're in a Lucid state you will actually lift off and leave the ground. At that point you want to be ready with a destination in mind. Truly. Yes, I know it's hard to imagine if you've haven't experienced it. But it's worth the work, and the wait. I ended up flying over Ireland in one Lucid Dream!

Another reality check you can use while you are awake is to take your hands and hold them in front of you... then take your pointer finger from one hand and place it directly into the palm of the other hand. Tap your finger there and try to push to see if the finger goes through your palm to the other side. You will do this while you are awake and not dreaming at all, so often that when you awaken in a dream, and try the palm pointing trick and it goes through your hand (because in the dream you are in an altered state and not physical) you will instantly know you are in a Lucid Dream. The minute you realize you are Lucid, immediately call out a question or make a direct request!Any question. Any request. In Lucid Dreams we are in complete control of our surroundings. Ask to say hello to your beloved childhood pet or favorite elementary or high school teacher, or a famous person who is not with us any longer here on earth. Who would you like to meet? Elvis? Robin Williams? Teddy Roosevelt or Franklin Delano Roosevelt or his amazing wife Eleanor? Just shout it out!You may have success immediately or you may need to keep trying. It's worth it. I promise.

May your Lucid Dreams make your sleep heavenly!

Patti Rippe