Maxfield Parrish Daybreak Maxfield Parrish Daybreak

Tarina M

Patti, Patti, Patti ...

Let me tell you how God works full circle. Remember you told me YOUR story about the length of time you spent at school and said that mine would be similar? Here I am back in school enjoying it, excited about it, but I took on too much. I was withdrawn from a class today because I couldn't keep up. That would usually devastate me but I remember what you told me that day, that it would take time so I didn't fret and in that moment I said this is what Patti meant, slow down...I was able to move forward in a healthy way today, in a way that served me. Instead of beating myself up I lifted myself up. That's just one instance...

The trauma I carried with the passing of my grandmother, you helped me to step out of that space. You described my ...sadiddy grandmother's "whose this woman, you're talking too Tarina? well if you trust her, I trust her" , demeanor so perfectly I knew that I could trust this experience described her to a T!.. you told me that she forgave me for losing her jewelry while moving... No one knew about that Patti. I could keep goin! I'd suffice to say that I trust and believed our experience and I hope other people get to know you and experience the same❤ Thank you for being you❤

Tarina M.