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Nightmares Can Be Instantly Amusing When We Get Their Point!

Most of the clients I work with tell me their dreams are crazy, all over the place and just plain don’t make sense. But over the years I’ve noticed that when we take a look together, the symbols and stories in their dreams not only make sense but often carry profound messages and clues about their current life situation.

The good news is the dreams that really matter are the ones you are having right now. So the nightmare you had when you were ten years old probably isn’t important to focus on right now unless it’s been recurring your whole life or suddenly pops up after years of leaving you.

Because our dreams are dealing with where we are in our emotions, passions, creative pursuits, as well as problems, it’s a pretty sure bet that whatever your dream is about has to do with what’s going on in your life now.

So, start there! I would guess that as much as 90% of the dreams we all have are addressing something that is happening currently.

Here’s an example:

A recent client told me about a dream in which he was running frantically, trying to escape from someone who was chasing him with a gun. The dreamer was terrified in the dream so he tried to hide around a corner behind a wooden wall but the bullet from the gun went through the wall and in the dream, my client was shot in the head.

The pain was sharp, intense and realistic and he told me in the dream he thought he was going to die.

This is what I would consider a nightmare. But it was the first one of it’s kind that my client could remember having… so I knew it had to be about something current.

I asked if there had been sudden risky behavior in his life? And he immediately shared that he’d been out with friends and had been drinking and wasn’t used to the affect of alcohol on his body… so he’d gotten drunk and awakened with a splitting headache.

The dream was responding to physical pain and it was trying to tell him to “get away” from this dangerous behavior because it would catch up with him and cause him damage.

When I told him my interpretation, he just laughed and laughed and then said, “God, what a relief! I thought maybe I had a brain tumor!”

And it was funny! His dream was trying to help him and used a nightmare to get his attention. We often have nightmares when an important message is trying to come through. The reason? We don’t forget nightmares immediately. And so, the message sticks with us long enough for us to come to understand if we try.

Write all your dreams down in a dream journal, including nightmares. …especially nightmares. The act of writing in a journal sends a signal to your subconscious and superconscious that you are focused on your dreams and you will get better recall and better response to your current projects and concerns.

Dreams are like a friend who calls your attention to things that matter in your life. They encourage you to look at your life and your outlook and your behaviors and how you feel about all of it and how your choices and frame of mind is affecting your quality of life and your growth.

Make it a habit to jot down a quick summary to trigger your dream memories and you will find understanding, solace and joy in the messages of your dreams.

Wishing you joyful, insightful, encouraging dreams ...and maybe even a funny nightmare once in a while.

Till next time!

Patti Rippe