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Nightmares Are Often A Call To Action

Nightmares can sometimes be simply processing a scary movie or TV show you watched just before bedtime, and that's why I advise not watching TV before you fall asleep. Especially not watching loud, frightening, gory, torturous or emotionally upsetting movies before sleep. Who wants to waste precious sleep and dream time processing something upsetting from someone else's imagination?

Not judging here. Just sharing: Those kinds of nightmare's are just helping you process something you observed but that could have been avoided. They are not helpful... except perhaps to encourage you to practice a simple and healthy bedtime routine that can eliminate distress.

Try this before sleep:

Create a quiet, calm atmosphere in your bedroom.

Comfortable environment. Comfortable room temperature.

Set your thoughts on what you'd like to dream about.

Reading or journaling before bed can be relaxing if it's positive and peaceful.

Deep, gentle breathing before falling asleep can create a setting of peace for your dreams.

Meditation before sleep is also a wonderful choice.

Darkness helps promote healthy sleep and produces Melatonin,

which is essential for good rest and promotes vivid dreams.

Being out in the sunshine during the day produces Serotonin and it's essential for good health, as well.

Setting an intention to have beautiful, peaceful and informative dreams will absolutely affect your dreamscapes.

Programming your dreams: Anyone can write a request for help of any kind on a slip of paper and fall asleep with the question in mind. Quietly, gently allow sleep to come, expecting helpful, healing dreams. Programming your dreams for answers to any question or desire can be amazing and bring answers and solutions to problems.

Nightmares go away when we understand what they are trying to tell us.

But when we don't understand them, nightmares can be so frightening that they can make us afraid to sleep.

Recurring nightmares are often a call to action and are attempting to get our attention to face, address and change something in our life that is causing damage or unnecessary stress and anxiety. The problem is that they can be so scary, so horrifying that they often make us want to forget them immediately and even say things like, "I wish I wouldn't dream!"

By the way, saying things like "My dreams are stupid," or "I wish I wouldn't dream," can stop your ability to remember your dreams.

But if you can stay with the message of the nightmare and ask yourself a few questions, nightmares can be empowering and bring immediate understanding and peace.

Some things to consider and to ask yourself about your nightmare:

1- What does the Monster or scary situation represent?

2- If you can do this, asking the "Monster" in the nightmare what it wants will soften the intensity of the nightmare instantly.

3- Stay with it and be brave. The "Monster" in your nightmare may answer you and transform immediately into a non threatening being.

4- If you don't understand when you wake up, ask yourself, "What could this dream be trying to show me? What's going on in my life that needs to be changed? What's going on that is harmful, destructive or holding me back from being healthy and becoming my best?

5- Is it a person, place, action, situation?

Be honest with yourself. Face the answer that feels right and address it. Your nightmares will stop once you have taken action to address what is causing the nightmarish warnings.

And that is why I always encourage facing, understanding and reacting positively to dreams. They are an internal prompting to guide you and their job is to pull you ever forward to awareness and connection with your Higher Consciousness.

Something else to keep in mind is that nightmares can be so distressing that they can interfere with our dream recall. Afraid to remember due to hellish nightmares, many of us turn our dream recall off completely because we are unable to understand the messages and create the change being called for.

I teach dream seminars, circles and classes and I always have several people in my groups that have a nightmare from the past that they don't understand and that they have never forgotten. Often, we don't forget nightmares, because they are forcefully trying to tell us to see something in our life that needs to be faced. (Simple recurring dreams can also turn into nightmares if they aren't understood and addressed.) It's your subconscious and sometimes your superconscious connection trying to help you see, heal, grow, improve and empower yourself to take the lead in your life's direction.

Several years ago one of my students told me about a recurring nightmare he was having... in the dream he was running from a threatening being who was chasing him and shooting at his head with a gun. This student actually ran around a corner to hide. He hid, terrified and unable to face the being with the gun. Then suddenly another shot was fired and a bullet came through the frame of the woodwork and went through the dreamer's head. It was a terrible dream. When he asked me about it, I asked him if there might be something in his life that was harmful or dangerous to him. He was college age, influenced by partying friends and had been drinking to excess... and had also been worrying about what this behavior might be doing to his brain and to his body and whether he should step away from those actions. You may be able to imagine my advice in that situation: "Face your fear, address the problem, make a healthy change. This will create a safe and comforting dreamscape for you."

If you are having a nightmare, just know that the scary monster or frightening event is a symbol of your subconscious or superconscious calling your attention to change something, face something, uncover something that disturbs you, and claim your power by facing it. The more important it is to face the problem the more the nightmares will try to continue unless you block them with phrases like, "I wish I wouldn't remember my dreams." I would not advise blocking them though. With understanding, nightmares bring resolution and healing.

1- Understanding the message is the first step.

2- Addressing the issue is the second step.

3- Choosing a healthy path is the answer.

Sweet dreams to you!

Patti Rippe