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Learning to Fly - Lucid Dreaming

In my dream, I am standing on the edge of a vibrant blue and green mountain. Below me, there is a gorgeous, crystal clear, cobalt blue lake of sweet, inviting water. The water seems to have a spirit of its own and I want so much to swim in this beautiful water but the lake is so far away. I wonder, if I were to raise my arms could I fly? Normally, I wouldn't try something like that. But I know this is a dream because I've awakened in my dream and the colors are more intense and bright than any earthly landscape or waterscape. ...So, I try it. I raise my arms gently and I rise with the movement of my arms. I set my intention on dipping into the lovely water below... first dipping my toes... then sinking gently into the warm, comforting feeling of heavenly water. That's what this feels like to me: Heaven. I've been here before and I love this heavenly home. I remember that even though I am underwater, I can breathe just fine. How amazing!

Welcome to the world of Lucid dreaming. In Lucid dreams we are able to create any scene, meet any person, alive or not, urge our body to do amazing things like fly, swoop, travel over an ocean, travel through space... the possibilities are limited only by one's imagination.

Once, after having fallen asleep, I awakened to find myself flying over the Atlantic ocean and I decided as I flew that I would visit Ireland. It was majestic and more vibrant than any earthly scene I'd ever seen in a non dreaming state. But I set my focus on Ireland and there it was... below me... glowing beautifully. That dream happened two decades ago and was one of the most vivid dreams of my life. I still remember the way I could feel the breeze of the ocean air on my face and arms... and how the shape of Ireland was so familiar and yet so much more beautiful than any photo or painting I'd ever seen. Lucid dreams are a gift of the patient dreamer and they are pure magic.

May your joyful life bring you empowering, lucid dreams.

Patti Rippe