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Getting Down to Interpretation and Symbols

So maybe you've been remembering your dreams and you have some dream descriptions or recordings in your dream journal now but you're not sure how to interpret them?

Here's an easy way to get to the message quickly:

First, ask yourself, "How did I feel when I woke up from my dream?"

Our dreams are always trying to help us and the tone and strength of your feelings is an indicator of how important or urgent the message is that's trying to get through to you.

If the dream keeps popping into your mind all day or if it stays on your mind for hours there's probably advice in the dream that will help you find comfort and understanding about something that's going on in your life. That's one of the most important things dreams do: They bring us peace of mind through healthy, supportive suggestions and accurate symbolic descriptions of what you really need to look at in your life. They bring us insight about ourselves, our problems, our challenges, our projects, and all we are currently interested in during the course of our lives.

Once you have some dreams recorded and you have a current entry, take a minute and look for symbols.

Think of symbols as words or pictures that describe. Locations, people, places, actions, clothing, colors, numbers, vehicles, buildings, animals, weather. The list is endless. Try to keep it simple at first. Just think: WORDS AND PICTURES THAT DESCRIBE. It makes it much more fun to be playful and relaxed... and the dream messages can still be very powerful no matter how much fun you are having with them.

Next, think in terms of a descriptive headline in a newspaper.

Example: "Airplane flies from attic with Cincinnati woman on board."

(I actually had a dream where I flew from my attic behind an airplane I saw from a window and I jumped on the airplane from outside... sat on the wing for a bit, too. :-)

It's okay if it's funny!In fact, having a sense of humor is a wonderful way to make dream interpretation more fun and more practical.

From that simple headline, you have a vehicle, a person, a part of a building and an action.

  1. Always ask yourself, "What does that symbol mean to me," before looking in a dream dictionary of any kind.

  2. Then, look at your favorite resource for a universally accepted symbolic meaning to enhance the meaning you personally feel makes sense.

  3. Collect the symbols and keep it simple.

  4. Airplane: airplanes can mean spiritual awakening

Attic: among other things, attics can represent the higher consciousness or spiritual self

Woman: characters in a dream most often represent the dreamer

So, to keep it simple, perhaps the dreamer is being clued in that there is a spiritual awakening happening in her life and she longs to be part of a community. Such a positive message from a silly dream. And that's how dreams can be!

Try interpreting a dream with a playful attitude of curiosity and non-judgement. It's really fun once you get the hang of it. And you'll notice that your dreams will begin to use the same symbols repeatedly, which over time, can make your dream interpretations quick and simple because your symbols become the language of your dreams.

Write down any symbols that come through in your dreams in the back of your dream journal. And before looking them up in a dream dictionary or website, ask yourself: What does that symbol mean to me personally? Always consider your personal meanings as more focused and possibly more important than the general universal meanings you will find in outside resources.

When I first started trying to interpret my dreams, half a lifetime ago, it took much more time. But now, after decades, even though I love to look deeply at my dreams, I am able to interpret them instantly. It's empowering to have the skill and it changes your life forever by bringing insight, wisdom and confidence in yourself.

Think of your dreams as supportive and kind... they are a magical friend.


Patti Rippe