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Dream Journaling - How to Get Started

You're wondering about your dreams and remembering them sometimes?

Do you understand them easily?

If so, that's wonderful. If not, no worries!It's easier than you might think to interpret your own dreams.

One of the best ways to begin to remember the details of your dreams and begin to really understand them is to keep a dream journal. Your journal doesn't have to be fancy. I often use a simple spiral notebook and keep it open to the next morning's date so it is easy to reach for it and scribble down the dream details I remember without having to get out of bed. Also, I like having a pen with a light at the tip. It can be helpful so that I don't lose those little details by moving around too much, looking for the lamp switch.

If you are a beginner, or if you are recording but not having much luck understanding your dreams, you may find it useful to write them down every day for a week before trying to interpret them. Sometimes by doing that, you'll notice symbols that are repeating from dream to dream. These repeating symbols can often become the language your subconscious is using to bring you messages and guidance. And repetitive symbols make dream interpretation easier.

Symbols can be anything!Seriously, something as simple as: An ant crawling across your right hand, can mean something is "bugging" you and you have a "right" to feel that way!

Symbols can be people, places, vehicles, animals, actions, buildings, weather, color, elements: water, wind, earth, fire... even numbers and shapes can be meaningful. Virtually any noun (things), verb (actions) or adjective (descriptive word) is a symbol. Writing those symbols down in the back of your journal and giving each symbol a personal meaning first (what the dream means to you personally) is a wonderful way to send a message to your subconscious that you are interested in your dreams and want to understand them. And having an idea of what your personal symbols mean to you will make dream understanding really quick. Only after attempting to decide what a symbol means to you and assigning a possible meaning should you look up meanings from other resources. Those other resources should supplement your personal meaning. What you'll notice from dream symbol meaning resources (books, websites) is that they can be contradictory and confusing if you don't already have an idea of what the symbol means to you.

If you like to write and describe things, take your time and tell the stories of your dreams.

If you've always enjoyed reading newspaper's, you might find it fun and easy to create a HEADLINE... or a THEME for the dreams you remember. It's a quick and easy way to get the point of the dream down on paper in your journal.

After creating a headline or theme for each dream, at the end of the week, look at your dreams and notice recurring headlines or themes. After considering repeating messages, look for symbols. We often dream repeatedly about the problems, emotions, worries, and even joys in our lives and keeping a journal for a week without trying immediately to interpret the dreams can make it much easier to see the symbols as they repeat themselves and to understand the messages of your dreams.

You can take your time thinking about what the dreams mean once you've documented the details and circled the symbols.

In fact, if you like to draw, add a mixture of pictures, cartoons or drawings of your dream images and symbols. (Use color pencils if you like but don't get too focused on the artistic perspective until you have a descriptive HEADLINE or THEME.) Color pencils could be a distraction for you, and if so, stick to black and white until you have interpreted the dream. Use descriptive language wherever it feels right in order to capture the full message of the dream.

I find, a combination of all of the above is helpful. I dream, draw, write, and even record my dreams into my iPhone sometimes, because there are times when later in the day I may remember details of a dream and often, I will suddenly hear a song from my dream through clairaudience... lyrics, too!

Any way I can find to make dream interpretation easy and fun is ok with me!

Over time, you'll be amazed at the stories your dreams will tell you through your journals and how they will illustrate what you are really interested in, what you care about and are focused on most, or even what you are worrying about. Your dreams come from you!From that place in yourself that understands the deeper vibration, the deeper knowing of who you are. Your subconscious, and also your superconscious. By that, I mean the energy and personality of your soul and your connection to your Soul Self. Deep wisdom abides there.

Wishing you joyful dreams and the magic and wisdom they bring!