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Words That Arrive in Dreams ~ Superconsciousness

For a dream teacher, talking about symbols in dreams is a constant topic. We use symbols to begin to understand our dreams when we are learning to interpret in dream circles and classes. I also do a lot of dream interpretation in my private readings as well. There are personal symbols, cultural symbols, universal symbols and archetypes. Those symbols mostly come from the subconscious and the superconscious. Once in a while, like this morning, I am surprised by my dreams.

This morning, I gently awakened with a word in my clairvoyant view. Just one brightly lit word. In that place of day-dreamy, subtle awareness of the non-physical world, the word was made of a lovely, golden, glowing light. It stood out because I rarely have dreams with words in them and even when I am having a dream with a book in it, I find that I typically can't read the book in the dream.

So what's been going on in my waking life? I've been involved in a labor of love. Stretched nearly beyond my capacity to be strong. I've been traveling back and forth to take care of my family in the south and my emotions are bubbling up with grief. I know my Dad is not going to be with us much longer. He's been ill for a long time, grieving since my Mom passed away almost ten years ago. He longs to just "go to heaven" in his words, to be with her. He's hanging on, worried I think, about my adult sister. He doesn't want to trouble or cause discomfort or suffering for anyone. Especially those of us who are there... handling details... taking care of things he can't do for himself right now. My dad has been a fiercely independent, proud man all his life but at 80 he is now forced to face his physical and mental limits.

On my last trip, I took care of several critical personal, medical, legal and financial issues for him that he had been worrying about, and it was much more intricate, complicated and troubling than expected. It stretched me intellectually and emotionally, and I confess, alone in my hotel room, I cried, I think mostly to release stress and the extreme pressure of the situation.

Of course it was the right thing to do: to stay, to be strong, and work everything out for Dad. And I wouldn't dream of leaving important issues undone even though it was very challenging for me, it would have been disastrous later.

When I told him, for now, all was taken care of, he was clearly comforted. And because I know he won't be here much longer it's a comfort to me as well. It's perhaps one of the last things I can do for him other than looking after my adult sister.

My youngest sister is in her 40's, has Epilepsy and severe Rheumatoid Arthritis and has lived with Dad every day of her life. She's a beautiful soul with faith, optimism and a caring heart. She is also unable to work or drive. But she hasn't let that stop her from loving, volunteering and being a bright spirit in this world. I've always felt more like a mom than a sister to her. But she would say: "nope." :-]

Why am I sharing this with you? Because I had a beautiful experience. One that stretched my soul. It was emotionally painful but beautiful, uplifting, and comforting in a way I'd never known. Life is always changing, and calling us to action to help, care, jump in, deliver decisions with love and purity of intent, and to stay patient and loving all the while. I often wonder if I am doing well enough. When I feel that way, I just try harder.

The word I woke up to this morning, glowing in my psychic sight was: Exalted. Not a word I have ever used to describe myself... or my life. I'm a spiritual person, a wife, a mom, a teacher, a writer, a natural born clairvoyant medium. Every day I do my work with love. I do my best to be kind, helpful and comforting. I'm better at it some days than others. Sometimes I get tired. :-) I would describe myself as flawed but trying to rise to every occasion with gentle, loving kindness. The glowing report card from Spirit was a welcome and comforting joy... but also a call to look at the deeper meaning of our day to day experiences and choices.

Maybe, the message was that there is a purpose in struggle and sacrifice. Of course there is!And this time in my life has given me a gift. Pushing ourselves to do more than we thought we could do has the capacity to expand and elevate the human mind, body, spirit and soul. I hope I never forget seeing that glowing word. It moved me to tears of joy as Spirit often does...

I am truly grateful.

Patti Rippe