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Nightmares Can Be Instantly Amusing When We Get Their Point!

Most of the clients I work with tell me their dreams are crazy, all over the place and just plain don’t make sense. But over the years I’ve noticed that when we take a look together, the symbols and stories in their dreams not only make sense but often carry profound messages and clues about the... Read More

The Language of Symbols

The Language of Symbols in the World of Dreams: Your Connection to Psychic Development and Mediumship Have you ever learned a new language? If you have, you probably remember noticing that your vocabulary quickly builds to a few dozen words, then a few dozen more as you build your favorite way of c... Read More

30 Common Dream Symbols: Keeping It Simple

The list of dream symbols can literally seem infinite, constantly evolving and even contradictory. But here are a few that show up often in dreams. This is a short and simple list and the symbol meanings are somewhat simplified but it may support your dream interpretation efforts and your understand... Read More

Your Dreams: A Wise Friend Guiding You

Sometimes it makes it easier to think of something mysterious as a person or a personal energy. This idea was introduced to me by an old friend of mine, Wilda B. Tanner, who was a dream expert and author of the wonderful book, "The Mystical, Magical, Marvelous World of Dreams." Wilda was one of my c... Read More

The Power of Lucid Dreaming: "I Am Awake in My Dreams"

There's a lot of information being exchanged about Lucid Dreaming these days. We know more about them today that we did when I first started studying dreams nearly a quarter of a century ago. And we'll know more about them as time goes on, to be sure. That's how it is with dreams. We think we unders... Read More

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